How long you will keep stored my wedding photos?

We will keep your wedding photos on our archive for 2 month long after you receive the photos. We invite you to send us a feedback of your receipt photos . After your feedback we will keep stored the photos for 2 month long. We not assure to keep for more long time on our archive. • What size/quality are the pictures ?

-The files are 5472×3648 Pixel , these are high quality JPEG Files That youcan open on your own computer
• Do you choose the final photos that will be printed ?
Yes we will choose the final photos that will retouched and printed. We will select the images that we feel are the best , emational, images .

A selection will be select and retouched by us , we will generally work in post production using a color temperature , retouching some imperfection skin , light correction , regulation of the contrast and brightness. We are wedding photographers this means that we will not do a re- touching work as fashion photographers this is not our expectation . We surely will be able to remove objects that are not welcome in the photos, we do not modify the features of your face . We invite you to not have pre wedding long exposure to sunlight because we will not change your skin color if you burn. Eventually your dress has a particular color that will reflect the light or has a tendency to cyan color, please do not expect me to retouch it.