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Some memories can never be forgotten, particularly the memories of your wedding remain touching and vivid throughout your life. Hence, we should treasure those memories in endearing images, which will make us glad when we go through them. Francese Photography, the best Destination Wedding Photographer Orange County, knows the importance of memories in life and therefore, documents them in heart-melting images. The adorable and lively videos and pictures taken during your engagement, wedding or any vital event would always keep those memories alive and fresh in your mind.

What Makes Wedding Photographer Orange County California Different?

Our team comprises of extremely professional and creative cinematographers and photographers who can capture, as well as transform moments into beautiful memories through their experience, imagination, and of course, eye-catching videos or images. They are highly creative, friendly and understand what our clients want from us. So, they never miss any of the important moment of the Orange County Wedding Photographer and always strive to portray emotions and feelings through candid photographs. We offer a perfect and professional picture, which will make a moment, ceremony or event superb and extraordinary too.

The Unique Style of Wedding Photographer Orange County California:

We, Francese Photography, pride ourselves on not just being professional wedding photographers, rather artists creating expressive, exclusive and unique imagery. We continuously experiment with new techniques and tools and blends different photography styles to challenge our inventiveness and tell compelling stories. Our approach merges elements of each style, attuned for factors like client preference, lighting, and location. But in case you like a specific style make certain to let Wedding Photographer Orange County California know during the initial meeting.

The Signature Style of Luxury, Exclusive Destination Wedding Photographer Orange County

The signature style of Francese Photography is high definition, clean. Crisp, and vibrant. Skin tones are accurate and the natural hues of the scene pop, providing the image a timeless, beautiful aesthetic.

  • Creative Style:

Our creative style adds an advanced camera, as well as flash techniques used for creating creative and compelling effects. This includes Panoramic Stitching, Long Exposures, Advanced Off-Camera Flash, HDR photography, etc.

  • Romantic Style:

Our romantic style could be described as whimsical and soft with filmic tones and textures. The style is ideal for scenes in nature, as well as rustic Luxury, Exclusive Orange County wedding venues.

  • Luxury Photojournalistic Style:

Wedding photojournalism takes alertness of surroundings, patience, and knowledge of human tendencies. Each picture that we take, captures emotions, portrays a feeling or mood, and tells a story.

So, if you want us to capture the hug, tear, laughter, joy or smile of your wedding day, then call us today.

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