Casa Angelina Praiano

There is only one word that can express this Location not only as Luxury, Exclusive Destination Wedding Location in Praiano  but also as Hotel


The perfection as I learnt during my life is not only the closeness to the logic balance between the parts, but is also the connection to the emotions to the feeling.

Well, Casa Angelina in Praiano is that the perfection between the parts is the connection between the modern and the antique, is the connection between the natural and the built beauty, is unique, is breathless.

We made a lot of Weddings in Casa Angelina and each one has been an unforgettable experience.

Casa Angelina is located on high cliffs of the Amalfi Coast is an Hotel that has 39 rooms, those are divided in rooms overviews , Junior suite, Grand de luxe, The stunning Terrace and Spa and Relaxing area and the amazing restaurant “Un piano nel Cielo”.

With the Terrace that became one with the sky, the elegant food the cares of details is has been the most amazing experience of our life.

Casa Angelina is part of our personal skills grown, we have learnt the balance with you, we have learnt the connection between the parts. We learnt the PERFECTION OF BEAUTY!

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