Choose the Best Castle Wedding Venues in Amalfi Coast

Italy is history, castles gardens are temples are just one of the aspects that push so many people to visit the beautiful country.

Making a wedding in a castle is really extremely wonderful. Visivamante and photographically the castles are really very special and beautiful with an atmosphere of other times, below is a list of castles for events and not to visit in Campania

Medieval Castle – Castellammare di Stabia

Castello di San Nicola de Thoro-Plano

Castello di Arechi

Castle of Sant’Adiutore

Castello Longobardo

Ovo Castle

Castle of San Severino

Rovine Castello

Castel Nuovo

Lancellotti Castle

Castello Aragonese

Castel Sant’Elmo

Castello Mediceo in Ottaviano

Castel Vernieri

Castello di Montevetrano

Torre di Montalto

Torre Palazzo Rastelli

Castello di Cicala


Solofra Castle

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