About Us

Francese Photography is an International Destination Wedding Photographers Company Located in Amalfi Coast, Verona, willing to travel throughout Italy but also available worldwide. Sisters team both
passionate about Wedding and fashion. Magazines and numerous testimonial describing the sisters: “luxury minimal chic”. The sisters both studied photography in London and have been recognized internationally as “Best Studio in Amalfi Coast 2013”

  • Philisophy

    You can not talk about love without believing in love. You can not believe in love without sympathizing with those who are experiencing love. Every love story is different yet they are all sewn together with the simple thread of an amazing feeling. Our greatest reward is to take that very moment when two people promise to love each other forever and make that moment eternal.
  • Mission

    We become overwhelmed by each and every motion and expression and we capture all the spontaneity surrounding the wedding in its entirety, without manipulation, so it can be relieved when the party’s over. We slink behind the curtains with discretion and complicity to create everlasting pictures because every love is different and each beckons a different approach. This our style: no rules or definitions; it takes shape when someone steps in front of our camera with the sole purpose of discovering their hidden inner beauty.
  • History

    CLAUDIA FRANCESE One word can really describe Claudia's attitude: ARTSY! A lover of art and design, she studied in England and has an academic background that has given her a vision of life strongly marked by art. A tireless traveler, she likes to learn about different cultures and traditions, even though she is strongly attached to Italian culture. A supporter of Made in Italy, she has had important work experience abroad, where she still exports her personal and recognizable style. ANTONELLA FRANCESE He studied sociology in Paris, where he was born the love for fashion and art that transpires from his photographic works. As a good sociologist, she is a good observer and is very methodical in her work. It is certain that beauty is, first of all, a way of living, of looking at the world and for this reason, it conceives its works as works of art.