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Wedding Photographer Ravello

Visit the Memories of your Wedding Day through our Eyes

It is difficult to imagine that you will forget any moment of your wedding day; however, it is a bitter truth that memories oftentimes fade over time. Particularly when it’s been 15, 20 or 35+ years. But with the help of wedding photographs, you would be reminded of those special moments, which made the day of your wedding unique and exceptional. You would be capable of looking through your wedding album whenever you want.
To meet your needs, we, Francese Photography come up with our services and you can get the services of the best and professional Wedding Photographer Ravello without investing much.

Wedding Photographer Ravello – Let’s Explore about Us:

We, Wedding Photographer Ravello, are professional photographers specialized mainly in portrait and reportage Ravello Wedding Photography. We would be there at your service to capture all the vital traditional bits – the speeches, the vows, walking down the aisle, the first dance, and cutting the cake – but also the more intimate and special moments, which may otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.

Our capability of becoming part of the background while we document your D-Day would put your attendees at ease and you would feel totally relaxed and comfortable during the portrait sessions. We would never force you into choreographed postures, hence, as an outcome, you would get completely natural images full of love, happiness, vivacity, and smiles, featuring stunning colors.

Have Ravello Wedding Photographer Beside you:

Ravello Wedding Photographer would be with you for the entire day, documenting a beautiful, complete, and honest record of your Wedding in Ravello. We are always glad to take requests for particular shots all day long and we also work harder to offer an array of photography, which tells your beautiful story in its full glory.

We, Francese Photography, capture those fleeting moments artistically, remaining true to our profession offer you photographs, which reflect every single emotion and detail you feel at that very moment of your life.

Make your Wedding in Ravello Spectacular with Us:

Are you searching for something unique or different from the conventional wedding pictures? If yes, feel free to share your visions with us. You can tell us what type of pictures you may be searching for, what would you love to remember from your D-Day. When you hire us, you get the opportunity to tailor the package that you get. And this is the ultimate beauty of our services.

So, hire us and seize the moment of one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Wedding Photographer Italy

Three Important Things that your Wedding Photographer Italy must Offer

You are getting hitched, right? Congrats! You want your big day to be as beautiful and perfect as you always have dreamed. However, if you pick the wrong photographer, your day might be a load less than ideal and you might not be happy with the pictures your photographer clicks. Bummer. Therefore, how do you select the right & the Best Wedding Photographer Italy?

Here’s how? Be certain that your Professional Wedding Photographer Italy provides you with these things. Then only you can feel confident that the special moments, important details, and love of your wedding day would be captured in stunning pictures for a lifetime of memories.

Do you really like the work of the photographer?

Look at a good selection of the photographer’s wedding pictures, and not just a few images on a website. Well, it’s best in case you can see an album or two at least and a proof book of a wedding ceremony. The album possibly represents the best of the work of the photographer, and the proof book represents all the typical pictures he/she captures during a wedding. How do the photos look to you? Do the color and the lighting look great to you? Are they really pleasing to look at? Is the style of the photographer what you’re searching for? The majority of the bridal couples are searching for a blend of classic posed traditional images and photojournalistic ones. Be sure that your photographer is able to and comfortable with taking the type of photos that you want for your D-Day.

Do you like the mannerism and personality of the photographer?

Is the Perfect Wedding Photographer Italy easy going, confident guy? Does the photographer have a great sense of humor? Keep in mind that the photographer would be present through your wedding day. An inflexible, uptight, and demanding photographer can make your wedding day unpleasant. So, make sure that you and your partner get along with the photographer whom you choose. To get to know your wedding photographer before you hire them, it is necessary that you meet them in person.

Does the wedding photographer have a sense of commitment and a professional work ethic?

Does the Expert Wedding Photographer Italy use professional cameras, flash systems, and lenses? Does he/she have some lenses at least that would produce great pictures in low light situations? Does he/she bring backup equipment or even bring a second photographer with another set of tools, to every wedding? Ask them all these questions. Make sure your photographer is dedicated to ensuring your wedding day is magnificent.

wedding photographer italy

A Short Instagram Guide for Your Photography Business

Hello colleagues

We are an Internation Destination Wedding Photographer located in Ravello Amalfi Coast,

We ran our business from 2005 (and glad about) and happy to share a couple of information about the photography business, ASAP you will see our course on our YouTube channel .

Well, here following I am really Happy to explain some tips for being “popular” on social also because we have the “merit” of having 8500 true followers.

I wrote this guide followed my experience and it all comes first from some questions:

What? When? How?


I am a photographer and this guide is for the Photographers sooooooo….. Please be careful what to post. Try to post with a sense also of color. Something that you firstly love to see and image that all the rest of the words want to see it soooo….. please no cats, ahah not image not edited and please not what you eat, because honestly, people doesn’t care a lot about.


I don t post a lot, I know I should more, but I am a really reserved woman, I wasn’t I became, social MUST be used only for business, so please be careful to do not mix your privacy with your own personal thoughts and needs. because It ‘s really tough once to get out. I did it and  I m happy right now.


#hashtag in the becoming honestly  I didn’t even know the meaning, but then after I understood that is important and not more then 20 yes guys no more than 20 because as usual LESS my dear IS MORE



How to became the best and popular Destination Wedding Photographer

How to become a successful photographer, It’s not only something you will learn from today to tomorrow but not even one impossible thing.

In photography as in so many other activities:

TO START,  It already the conquest!

Exactly with today, We have been doing my job since 2005. It’s not always with the same continuity, not always with the same requests, not always as been the same as now.

But now after years of paid activity is not yet experienced that will be the same. Today, even today, sometimes I feel like I’ve never done all those experiences, sometimes changing a different location, a different machine, a different flash, It makes me feel novice, but never inexperienced. Because the game is always TO START!
A New Camera a new a collaborator the foreign language a particular period of the year becomes a new adventure. Like for me to be an International Wedding Photographer paired with my sister, a friend of mine, Antonella is always something to try to enjoy to blessed about.
With Antonella is relationship of understanding, I know where her work ends and where mine begins.
I know her times and she mine, I understand her times, her technique tastes her preferences and she mine. Over the years this has created a habit and sometimes the habit flattens out the art, but it plans the work. The work of the photographer, as indeed all the works, even if by vocation and yet always aimed at again, it is, therefore is very wrong to think of just the art of the photo without thinking about its sale. As often happens at the beginning of the activity. When we talk about photographic technique, tastes, and preferences in the case of photography, it’s important to have all these features but we must not forget that everything must be sold. In the case of the photography, a beautiful photograph, definitely much more scalable than an intellectual work but an end in itself.

Taste Style Preference
Clear ideas
Error margin

We are all human and glad to be.

International Destination Wedding Photographer | FRANCESE PHOTOGRAPHY

Francese Photography specializes in Wedding Photography and Fashion and is based in Italy, Verona and the Amalfi Coast.

Advise for USA Brides located in L.A. to book an appointment with our Event Coordinator in L.A, ask us for more information.

Francese sisters: from siblings to shooters specializing in weddings.

The creativity and professionalism of Francese Photography are always at the heart of our services.

Francese Photography together and these two sisters – both passionate photographers – define their styles as ‘simple luxury photography’ and tell their story like this.

It’s hard to stay sober in a country like Italy, where the creative impulse is everywhere and where image touch-ups risk altering reality. We like our images to be clean, essential, and minimal, and to tell a story that is true to life. Our success is measured by those who choose us to shoot their event.
We started out as passionate photographers shooting in London and Paris while searching for a style that would reflect the way we see the world: simple, uncontaminated, free from manipulation. Our style stems from a desire not to alter reality, but to bring it to perfection. This is our market niche as we see it.

No other shooting style is as true to life as ours. Our clients want something real, untouched, so we study each frame as they are created and we decide on the spot what characteristics will produce high quality captures that need no retouching. This way of interpreting the ‘sweet reality’ of weddings works for us. We share the emotion of every single client’s special day, laughing and crying for their joy and happiness.

Our trademark name is true to life too, we are sisters and photographers, thus Francese Photography. We both studied photography and have been recognized internationally; Claudia’s work appears in shows in Rotterdam and in ‘the best of’ in Vogue photo. But our focus is not so much on climbing the ladder of success as on our personal relationship with our clients. Sister’s words, ‘We are leaders in the industry in rapport with our clientele’. We provide our customers with the best fringe benefits: the finest Italian albums, excellent recommendations for video services, top-notch, green and unconditionally made in Italy.

Renowned in the industry, we speak English fluently.

Francese Photography “your Italian Wedding Phtographer Located in Amalfi Coast

About your wedding

We use top of the line Canon cameras and accessories. We always carry back up equipment to every event including cameras, lenses and multiple flashes. We are a team of two sisters who are photographers and will be with you throughout your wedding day. We always aim to be available to work together . If Claudia or Antonella was not available,  we would send an alternative assistant who would have been hand-picked by us. We prefer to work with digital because usually we take around 1000 shots for a wedding and we can choose the best shots for your beautiful wedding album. All the best shots will be retouched allowing us to create a professional fine art finish.

“Touch up” means to use a computer program to improve appearances EG: skin tone or imperfections. Obviously, the wedding negative a drive and these negatives are protected by copyright “Claudia and Antonella Francese photographers”.

If you wish to purchase the 200 best images (additional shots) from your wedding you have our permission to print these photos: the price depends on the size.

It ‘s your decision whether we show the photos online or not. If would like us to show them you need to sign our contract.

The first step for contacting us

The first step to contacting us is to send us an e-mail to see if we are available on your special day. If we are available we’ll send you our contact details, the price list is available upon request.

Together we’ll plan your wedding photography. We can also help you if you plan to get married in Italy, It can be stressful planning a “photographer” in a country where you don’t speak the language, but we can help.

Book us for a wedding day, first you must sign our agreement and pay 30%  of total upfront /in advance. We cannot reserve the date until we have your deposit.

We try to take lots of casual shots as, we shoot primarily a photojournalistic style, but do feel it’s important to have some casually posed images with your family  and friends on the special day.

We keep it light, relaxed and quick and are guided by our client as to how many or few formals they want. We love taking portraits of the bride and groom as well the guests. We like to photograph not only the guests but also the details and decorations. We are passionate about what we do and love working with clients who share our enthusiasm for photography! We both have a different “eye” with the way we capture an event, it ‘s our goal to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it to you,  it’s very important to us that you enjoy the day that you have been planning for so long.

About our style 

Our style came about as a result of our long artistic and  intellectual training, resulting in a degree in Fine Arts for both of us, in art and Sociology respectively. Our style was born through real contact with the true Italian Fine Art: fashion and classic. It’s a fusion of two characters very different: Claudia is minimal, exuberant, professional and sociable. She prefers “the reportage” style Antonella  is elegant,  professional, discreet, she pay attention to detail. Both are capable of snapping the special moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Article on POSITANO NEWS: Wedding Photographer Amalfi Coast Positano. Francese Photography.

Back in November 12th, 2014, we had the immense honor to published on POSITANO NEWS, one of the most popular web magazine that talks about Amalfi Coast and the own magnificent.

Here following the article:


Here what they wrote about us: THANK YOU!

Claudia and Antonella Francese two sisters both passionate about photography launched their business named: Francese Photography.

Francese Photography is reflecting the Fashion Style and the Glamour of the two sisters Photographers. The business of Photography has been influenced by the personalities into the industry. After some years they count 10.500 followers on Facebook and they are running their own business very well, using a style reportage photos as approach differently from other photographers based on the Amalfi Coast. Now the Francese Sisters based in Positano are collect the 99% of their weddings in Positano they here answered some questions.

Why do you choose to be a wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast and Positano? To be wedding photographers in Positano is a grateful satisfaction is a Location where a number of Luxury weddings and events take place. Did you win any international awards in Amalfi Coast and Positano? Yes for two years we won like Best Wedding Photography studio in Amalfi Coast and Positano. Why do you use the Wedding Photojournalist or Reportage approach? We use reportage wedding photography because we love to tell the story of our couple on their wedding day. Francese Photography is specialized in wedding photography service in Italy, We are an International Wedding Photographer in Italy specialized in a foreign destination wedding in Italy, we handle 99% of weddings in Positano. It’s been a trend get married in Positano for Symbolic Ceremony, there is a Terrace with a lovely view it’s a romantic setting where the couples should pronounce their vows and promises each other eternal love. During our careers, we saw grown a trend of couples chooses other different celebration of their own wedding as the Protestant wedding in Amalfi Coast Positano celebrating a ceremony with a Protestant Pastor on the top of the terrace with a beautiful Positano view as a background. Positano Terraces are the most beautiful place in the world where have a Jewish Wedding with the Chuppa just in front of the sea. Another trend for the foreign couples who want use Amalfi Coast as a destination wedding is a Blessing of the vows in Amalfi Coast Positano, it should take place in one of the beautiful Lemon Garden or on the Top of the Terrace with Amalfi Coast as a background or an ancient Villa in Amalfi Coast. Civil Weddings will be celebrated at the Positano Town Hall on the top of the Terrace with a heartbreaking view. Many couples choose the Catholic wedding at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano just in the center by the sea. Engagement Shooting is another trend for couples that will be enjoying the Amalfi Coast and wants to cherish forever a good memory of Amalfi Coast Positano. Are you having a collaboration with others into the Wedding Business in Amalfi Coast Positano? We are a big family in Amalfi Coast Positano! Of Course! During 8 years of working throughout Amalfi Coast Positano, we have experience in Amalfi Coast and we work side by side with our collaboration as a wedding planner in Amalfi Coast Positano, Florist in Positano, Hotel Wedding Location in Positano, Celebrant in Positano. We want to share this experience with our couples will be having a lovely wedding in Positano! How you manage your popularity into the Wedding Business in Amalfi Coast Positano? We are excited about it! We love what we do, we love weddings and we love Wedding Photography is our life and our passion! So we know that a couple is planning a destination wedding in Italy in Amalfi Coast Positano wants only been follow up and wants that the wedding day will be “Perfect !”