Francese Photography is an International Wedding Photography studio serving  on the Amalfi Coast, Puglia (Apulia) , Verona, (Italy) Los Angeles & Orange County, California (USA). The sister team of Antonella & Claudia Francese are passionate Wedding & Fashion photographers who define their style as “simple luxury”.
The simplistic beauty of their photography has earned both sisters international recognition.
Francese Photography was a Wedding Industry Experts finalist in 2012 & Winner in 2013 as the “Best Wedding Photography studio on the Amalfi Coast”.  Francese photos have been featured in Elle, Vogue & Sposabella magazines. They’ve also graced the covers of ‘Wedding Ideas’ and ‘Perfect Wedding’ magazines in the UK.
Claudia’s work has appeared in photography exhibitions in Rotterdam, Holland and has been featured in Voguephoto magazine’s ‘ The best of ‘ issue.
The sisters photograph around 100 weddings per year priding themselves on the rapport and the relationships they build with their clientele. The result is an unforgettable experience beautifully captured by Francese Photography.


CLAUDIA’s Studio Los Angeles

A lover of art and design, Claudia studied in England and her academic background has shaped a vision of life heavily based in art. As a tireless traveler she likes to discover different cultures and traditions while remaining strongly attached to her own Italian roots. She staunchly supports all ‘made in Italy’ and through her extensive work experience abroad she exports a personal and perceivable  Italian style.  The purity of the images, the essential style, soft black and white, are features that distinguish the style of the photographer, her way of seeing and interpreting the wedding day. Currently in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA

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ANTONELLA’s Studio Amalfi Coast

Antonella owes its growth to a strong artistic “curiosity” gained over time with her sister Claudia, since was a child Antonella was a passionate of professional photography then, has approached the art of photography. Artistically grown alongside Claudia Francese her sister and partner in Francese Photography, then she decided that the photography would be her world. Antonella Francese favors a direct approach, sentimental and romantic. Photographer in a very discreet way , she pay attention to detail , to the emotions ,  is always looking for the perfect moment, all the elements that make your wedding day an unforgettable moment, steals moments, images that will be kept forever. CURRENTLY POSITANO, AMALFI COAST ITALY

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Francese Photography | Italian wedding photographers serving on the Amalfi Coast, Apulia (Puglia) Italy, Los Angeles & Orange County, California USA

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