Francese Photography Wedding Photographer Studio in Positano Amalfi Coast Italy

How organize a Wedding Photography studio?
Well Francese Photography is a company of created from our creative, intuition and passion. In almost ten years of activity we learned that what are the priorities for creating a functional, professional company , in line with our style of life and art.
“An organized studio is the base of a good management space” so let’s organize.
Our style is mostly minimal and the choice of the furniture are cheap and functional ; does matter how much costs , the important is that does a good job! But we don’t use the same criterion for the equipment for that we choise the BEST: only Mac computer for the desk, two macbook, two iPhone and strictly Canon Cameras for a preference of style, color calibration ,we just LOVE Canon!

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Francese Photography | Italian wedding photographers serving on the Amalfi Coast, Apulia (Puglia) Italy, Los Angeles & Orange County, California USA

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