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Francese Photography | Italian wedding photographers serving on the Amalfi Coast, Apulia (Puglia) Italy, Los Angeles & Orange County, California USA


Growing up my father used to call me his “Angel”.  And the first time I landed in Los Angeles I said to myself, “One day, I will live here.”
So after 10 years running a successful wedding photography studio on the Amalfi Coast it was time to follow my dream, to become an Angel in the City of Angels. A city, a new life, a new photography studio.

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April 1, 2007 Positano, Italy. It was our first wedding and it was love at first sight. We knew of all the places in the world this was where we would plant our roots. The Amalfi Coast was ours! The home of Francese Photography.

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Francese Photography is an International Wedding Photography studio serving  on the Amalfi Coast, Puglia (Apulia) , Verona, (Italy) Los Angeles & Orange County, California (USA). The sister team of Antonella & Claudia Francese are passionate Wedding & Fashion photographers who define their style as “simple luxury”.
The simplistic beauty of their photography has earned both sisters international recognition….. 


  • luxury-destination-catholic-wedding-parrocchia-di-san-gennaro-casa-angelina-hotel-design-praiano-lifestyle-exclusive-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-location-restaurant-terrace-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Catholic Wedding Parrocchia di San Gennaro Casa Angelina Hotel Design Praiano Lifestyle Exclusive Amalfi Coast Italy by Francese Photography
    28 novembre 2016
  • luxury-destination-civil-wedding-chiostro-san-francesco-sorrento-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-hotel-location-relais-blu-boutique-wedding-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Civil Wedding Chiostro San Francesco Sorrento Amalfi Coast Italy Reception Hotel Location Relais Blu Boutique Wedding by Francese Photography
    25 novembre 2016
  • luxury-destination-catholic-wedding-santa-maria-assunta-positano-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-la-taglaita-montepertuso-nocelle-destianation-wedding-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Catholic Wedding Santa Maria Assunta Positano Amalfi Coast Italy Reception La Taglaita Montepertuso Nocelle by Francese Photography
    25 novembre 2016
  • luxury-destination-civil-wedding-town-hall-positano-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-location-luxury-private-villas-wedding-celebration-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Civil Wedding Town Hall Positano Amalfi Coast Italy Reception Location Luxury Private Villas Wedding Celebration by Francese Photography
    25 novembre 2016




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  • luxury-destination-symbolic-wedding-tea-room-hotel-villa-cimbrone-ravello-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-cripta-crypt-restaurant-belmont-hotel-caruso-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Symbolic Wedding Tea Room Hotel Villa Cimbrone Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy Reception Cripta Crypt Restaurant Belmont Hotel Caruso by Francese Photography
    28 novembre 2016
  • luxury-destination-symbolic-wedding-hotel-palazzo-avino-ravello-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-palazzo-avino-garden-restaurant-terrace-francese-photography-sisters
    Luxury Destination Symbolic Wedding Hotel Palazzo Avino Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy Reception Palazzo Avino Garden Restaurant Terrace by Francese Photography
    28 novembre 2016
  • destination-symbolic-wedding-at-hotel-villa-cimbrone-tea-room-ravello-amalfi-coast-italy-reception-villa-cimbrone-crypt-terrace-venue-wedding-location-francese-photography-sisters
    Italian Wedding Photographer Destination Wedding Italy Worldwide Francese Photography
    3 ottobre 2016
  • Symbolic-Wedding-in-Amalfi-Grand-Hotel-Convento-Cappucini-Amalfi-Coast-Italy-by-Francese-Photography
    Claudia Francese Portfolio
    4 luglio 2016


  • wedding-photographer-in-ostuni-luxury-wedding-in-apulia-puglia
    Destination Wedding Apulia Puglia
    19 settembre 2016
  • wedding-ravello-hotel-caruso-francese-photography
    Destination Wedding Location Ravello by Francese Photography
    31 agosto 2016
  • destination-wedding-amalfi-coast-positano-protestant-wedding-marincanto-terrace-venues-reception-italian-wedding-photographer-francese-photography-sisters
    Destination Wedding Location Positano by Francese Photography
    30 agosto 2016
  • Symbolic-Wedding-photographer-Positano-Hotel-Palazzo-Murat-amalfi-coast-italy-francese-photography-photographer
    Destination Wedding Location, Positano Amalfi Coast Italy
    30 agosto 2016
Francese Photography | Italian wedding photographers serving on the Amalfi Coast, Apulia (Puglia) Italy, Los Angeles & Orange County, California USA

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